Our Services

We work directly with you by learning about the needs of your company, allowing us to design a custom a solution for you.

Consult on rules & regulations

Transports Canada & many governing bodies have UAV rules that start at 250g. We can help you navigate them by creating a custome solution for you.

Building & Testing

Our team has years of experience buildings hundreds of drones from very tiny to big drones. We test all the drones we build ourselves to quality assurance.

Virtual 3D Design 

We take our custom solution design for you & create a virtual 3d model of the UAV. This allows you to see what we are building before we make a real version.

Fleet Servicing & Management

Drones break & pilots crash so we offer full service contracts for you fleet. Managing many drones & keeping track of servicing history is simple with us.

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Using the 3d model we have create for you, we start the process of 3d printing a physical working version of the drone that can be built, tested & flown.

Education & Training

Each of our custom drone solutions comes with video training of how to use our drones. We also offer hands on education & pilots training if needed.