35g - Micro Fly Stealth

35g - Micro Fly Stealth

Mission: This tiny UAV is by far the smallest & quietest drone we offer at 35g, don't be fooled by its small size it, its packs a punch in many situations. This drone can operate outdoors but is primarily designed for indoor use when it comes to flying into very small spaces people can't get into or fly around undetected because of how stealth it is. As a fairly in-expensive asset, this drone can be sent into a dangerous situation to mitigate the risk of human interaction without the fear of losing the UAV & simply replacing it.

Application: Indoor, very quiet, nimble

Operating conditions: -20 to +40

Size: 68mm x 23mm

Propeller size: 31mm ducted

Flight time: 4-5min

Top Speed: 35 km/h

Distance: 100-200m indoors

Video: 5.8Ghz Analog 5inch Screen + DVR

Rc: 2.4Ghz 8 Channel

Camera: 720p Very low light capable - IR Sensitive 

Batteries: Rechargeable LiPO 350mah 1 Cell  x 6 =  24-30 minutes of flight

Charger: Multi battery USB charging 

Very Small Carrying case:  Drone, remote, screen, batteries, charger



06 December 2019


Indoor, Analog