249g - Micro Roll Cage Drone

249g - Micro Roll Cage Drone

Application: Indoor, hard to reach areas, nimble, LED lights, 360-degree protections

Weight: 249g

Operating conditions: -20 to +40

Size: 200mm x 200mm

Propeller size: 3inch 

Flight time-5: 8-10min

Top Speed: 30km/h

Distance: 100-300m indoors

Video: 5.8Ghz Analog 5inch Screen + DVR 

Rc: 2.4Ghz 8 Channel 

Camera: 720p recording & Live Stream

Lights:  2 x1000 lumin led lights

Batteries: Rechargeable LiPO 1550mah 4 Cell  x  6 =  48 -60 minutes of flight

Charger: Lipo charger - 6 ports - 50-60 minutes charging

Special Carrying case:  Drone, remote, screen, batteries, charger


06 December 2019


Hybrid, Indoor, Analog