140g - Little Night Bee

140g - Little Night Bee

Mission: This little UAV is 2nd to our smallest with a slightly bigger footprint, bigger propellers, and bigger prollers giving it more battery life, more power and the ability to fly outdoors in stronger winds. It has the ability to film in HD and record onboard to an SD card for 1080p high-quality video playback, allowing the review of the video at a later point.

Application: Indoor & outdoor, very quiet, nimble, night vision, HD recording

Operating conditions: -20 to +40

Size: 75mm x 30mm

Propeller size: 40mm ducted

Flight time: 6-8min

Top Speed: 50 km/h

Distance: 100-200m indoors

Video: 5.8Ghz Analog 5inch Screen + DVR

Rc: 2.4Ghz 8 Channel

Camera: 1080p HD recording,  low light capable - IR Sensitive 

Batteries: Rechargeable LiPO 650mah 3 Cell  x  6 =  36-48 minutes of flight

Charger: Lipo charger - 6 ports - 30-40 minutes charging

Small Carrying case:  Drone, remote, screen, batteries, charger


06 December 2019


Indoor, Outdoor, Digital